Friday, November 26, 2010

Distracting Classmates

What do you do when someone in the classroom is distracting you? You could write a friendly letter to your teacher! E-mail it or hand deliver it! If you need help, ask your grownup at home, and it could look something like this:

Dear Teacher, (be sure to get the proper spelling of his name)

I’m having trouble doing my best work because I’m distracted by (insert classmate’s name here). I need your help. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you for your time.


(Your name)

Also, try to work with your teacher to develop strategies for success such as:

• Ignore the distracting person. Quite often they are looking for attention.

• Move away—politely ask the teacher if you could work at another table or move your desk.

• Put up a barrier of some sort. Some classrooms have portable cardboard that students put on their desks for privacy during a test as well as to help them focus.

It’s not easy to concentrate and get your work done when people around you are off task. Asking for help and being personally responsible for your behavior is a first step.

What if the teacher doesn’t respond to your call for help? Then you can ask your grownup for more help.

Your education is important. Getting along with others is important, too, including your boss, the teacher.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Responsibility of Pet Ownership

Have you always wanted a pet of your own? Pets are fun! Pets are a big responsibility!

Pets are fun because they give you lots of love. Even fish can be “trained” to come to the top of the water for feeding! I like to tap gently on the front of the tank with the container of fish food. After a while the fish learn the meaning of this signal: food!

Guinea pigs are my favorite pet because they are warm and cuddly. They are calmer than hamsters and gerbils and don’t usually bite. Guinea pigs are also great “talkers!” They make lots of noise especially when they learn what the sound of the refrigerator door or the rustling of a plastic produce bag means: food!

Pets are a big responsibility. They depend on you for all their needs: food, water, entertainment, and a safe place to live. If you neglect to take care of your pet, they could get sick, and even worse…

Have you ever asked your gown-ups if you could have a pet? If they said no, perhaps you could convince them you are old enough and responsible enough to handle it.

Here are some suggestions:
• Research the care of the pet you wish to have. Knowledge is power!
• Ask if you can keep a goldfish first. Take good care of it—keep the tank clean and remember to feed it. (Don’t overfeed it or the tank will get really dirty and your fish could get sick.)
• Be responsible in other areas of your life. For example: do your homework and chores without being asked.
• When you have proven yourself with the goldfish, perhaps you could ask again.

If they still say no:
• Ask why nicely.
• Make a schedule showing your potential pet’s daily needs—feeding, grooming, exercise, and playtime.
• Show your grownups the schedule and explain how you will take care of your pet. Let them know you’re serious about this. Perhaps they will let you get a pet!

If they still say no let it go. Don’t nag or beg. Be mature, wait a few months, and ask again. Perhaps if you have been well behaved, done well in school, and have been helpful at home, your grownups just might change their minds!

Leave me a comment and let me know if this works--Good luck!