Saturday, September 11, 2010

Evening Routine

This before bed routine will help you:

• Spend less time in the morning getting ready for school!

• Have less stress in your life!

Here’s all you do:

1. Before you go to bed:

a. Make your lunch (and snack, if appropriate) and put it in your lunchbox, in the fridge.

b. Check your agenda to see what you need for the next day.

c. Pack your backpack with your “Take Home” folder, library book, sneakers for P.E. or anything else you need.

d. Check the weather and choose an appropriate outfit to wear. Lay out the clothing—including everything you will need to wear for the day.

e. Shower/bathe if you won’t have time in the morning.

f. Read for 20 minutes. (put your book in your backpack if you need it for school the next day)

This is your job—don’t let your grownup do it for you!

Do you have a before bed routine? Do you find it helps you?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Readers Are Leaders!

Kids Who Read Succeed!

Hey kids, do you want to do better in school? Do you want to visit outer space, solve crimes, travel the world? You can do all that and more when you read!!!

Reading, like anything else, takes practice. Here’s all you do:

1. Grab your book, a pencil, and some sticky notes (like Post-It Notes ®)

2. Find a comfy, well-lit seat in a quiet area

3. Set a timer for at least 20 minutes

As you read, be sure to:

1. Think about what’s going on in the story as you read each chapter or section:

o Who is the most important character?

o What are some other characters?

o What is the problem?

o How are they trying to solve it?

o Are they successful? Why/not?

o Is this book like other books you’ve read? How is it different?

o Have you had similar experiences as the characters?

o Where does the story take place?

o What is the author trying to tell you?

2. Picture the action in your head (visualize)

3. Take notes if you are going to take a quiz/write a book report/discuss in class

4. Most importantly, enjoy the story!

Have you read a really good book lately? Write a comment below.